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  • Posting unauthorized works is not allowed. Screenshots from anime, official artworks are fine. Instead of reuploading the image and crediting, please post just the link the original post instead.
  • This server is hosted in Japan. Please don't post anything that violates the Japanese law.
  • Use the NSFW/CW tags when necessary when posting (especially to local timeline). Examples include spoilers. Make it family-friendly please.
  • Please keep your posts unlisted if you aren't interested interacting/being interacted with people from the local timeline. I'm fine if you use this server to interact with people from other instances (maybe you just want the address, and that's fine), but please respect the rules of this server.
  • No hate speech.
Other than that, feel free. Please use your own self-judgement and common sense.

All costs needed to run this site (domain, storage, server) are all paid out of my own pocket. Any donations would be nice and can be done via Paypal Here. If you live in Malaysia and would like to donate via bank transfer instead, please contact me.
All money received will be used towards the maintenance/bills of the server.


Please contact me@kitakamirei.ca for any inquiries
DMCA takedown please contact dmca@kitakamirei.ca instead


  • 他人の作品を投稿してはいけません(アニメスクショ、公式イラストでもOK)。シェア欲しいので、リンク投稿してください
  • 日本国の法律において明らかに違法であるような行為についての投稿はご遠慮ください
  • ネタバレなどNSFW・CW活用してお願いします
  • ローカルTLには流せない、という投稿の公開範囲を未収載または非公開に設定してください
  • 憎悪表現禁止



メールでのお問い合わせはこちらから: me@kitakamirei.ca (一般質問など)
DMCA通知の提出こちら: dmca@kitakamirei.ca