Twitter is also very particular if you don't provide them with your phone number, and are using something like Tor to browse them. There are plenty of only SMS verification services but they will keep bothering you to do a SMS verification *every time*. Having a 2FA with Authy doesn't help at all either.

Honestly, getting rid of my Twitter account is one of the most relieving things I have ever done so far. No longer being around certain people definitely made myself feel a bit more calm

Didn't get my paper approved for the one conference I submitted for, but I'm trying my luck on IEEE ICIST uwu

Had to use Word for an assignment and I just realized how bad Windows font rendering is even after so many versions... Even MacType just made it less bad.

Recently got myself FFXIV and I feel like I spent a lot time on it... but I paid for it and I don't really want to let the free sub go to waste lmao

Wrote a Python script that uses Selenium WebDriver and it logs in to my institutional account, then join a Google Meet call. Initially, when testing, Google Meet keeps whining that I should enable Mic/Camera, and Chromium opens a popup that asks for permission, so I had to append a config when launching. Works fine so far, I currently use a cronjob to launch at specific dates and for specific URLs, but Thursday is a public holiday so I have to wait till Monday.

Updated Ghost since I'm using it for my blog ☺️ thinking that I should better make a cronjob to do that

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Ghost blogging platform suffers security breach - hackers exploited Salt vulnerability in attempt to mine cryptocurrency.

This Mastodon instance has a hidden service mirror accessible via Tor!


Used mkp224o to generate the hash for the hostname. Had to configure Nginx so that the server block for the onion link uses the same config for this one. It went quite smoothly.

Also I haven't been updating my blog for a while. Not sure what to write about though, even though no one will ever read them, but I want to get thoughts out, and I have no idea what to with so many things on the top of my head.

Thinking of adding something like this to my FYP 🤔

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